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Intimate Lubricants For Smoother Love Making

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Personal lubricants enhance your love life. They make good moments great, restore confidence, and build a stronger sense of intimacy and connection.

But studies show that 60% of chemicals put on your skin will end up in your bloodstream. If you care about what you eat and limiting your exposure to toxins, it's important to choose a natural, plant-based, and organic properties.

Even more, the supple vaginal mucus membranes are amongst the most absorbent areas the entire body, so using a lube with only toxin- free ingredients is just as important, if not more important, than buying organic veggies and not eating hormone laden meat.


Ingredients Matter

Most lubricants are laced with glycerin, glycols, mineral oil, and even parabens. These synthetic ingredients cause local irritation and prevent your skin from producing additional moisture naturally. The chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream affect your natural balance, with the estrogen mimicking properties in parabens causing particular concern.

Even if you choose a product that claims to have natural ingredients, if they are not grown to organic standards, you'll expose yourself to growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or damaging pesticides. These toxins travel straight from the raw ingredients, to the product you buy, and into your most intimate areas.


Certified Organic Yes Lubricant

Yes lubricants use only the highest quality ingredients in the world. A product only needs to have 1% organic ingredients to claim it is organic, but YES is certified by the exacting Soil Association standards.

Certification guarantees the purity and quality of all ingredients, and even oversees the manufacturing process to ensure the highest ethical standards.

Yes contains pure plant extracts laden with skin healing and nourishing properties, like deeply moisturizing and healing aloe, slippery organic flax gum, and viscus locus bean extract. All ingredients are grown and manufactured to organic standards, so you never have to worry about chemical residue.


Yes Water Based

Yes Water based lubricant is is formulated to not only provide moisture during intimacy, but replenish moisture to chronically dry vaginal tissue.

It is made from plant polymers that absorb water and carry it to the skin. The water is then gently released into the tissues to re-hydrate them. This can give the vaginal tissues some of the elasticity and moisture they used to have, particularly for women who are post menopausal or breastfeeding.

The pH of Yes water-based is designed to match vaginal pH to allow it to restore the typical vaginal environment. The typical vaginal flora (Lactobacillus) creates an environment that naturally inhibits yeast and other unwanted bacterial infections.

Yes water based is compatible with condoms, FemCap, and diaphragms. It is also safe to use with ContraGel natural spermicide alternative that often accompanies a FemCap or diaphragm. It makes the perfect every day moisturizer for those suffering from chronic vaginal dryness. It mimics natural lubrication feeling, making it extremely comfortable and totally outperforms the old style synthetic lubricants.


Yes Oil Based

Yes oil based lubricants serve a slightly different purpose. They contain no water, so they can not replenish moisture in the same way the water based products do.

Instead, the natural oils seep into the tissue making dry skin more supple. You are pampering your vaginal tissue the most nourishing ingredients, and the reconditioning properties are long lasting.

Yes oil based is formulated from rich butters and oils, and a touch a natural beeswax. The beeswax is gathered purely by filtration without harm to the bees, but it is an animal byproduct so Yes oil based lubricants are not strictly vegan. The beeswax has natural healing properties, provides a protective film on sensitive skin, and helps balance the oils and butters creating the perfect luxurious consistency.

These lubricants create a firm long lasting glide, and are perfect for personal and intimate massage, and for use with sex toys, pelvic floor strengthening devices, and vaginal dilators. Oil based lubricant should never be used with condoms.


Yes Baby

The lubricant you use while trying to conceive can have more of an impact on your success then you might have realized. Your natural cervical mucus changes throughout your cycle to support conception. During the early part of the month and after ovulation, you cervical mucus is acidic. This wards off infections such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush. However, the acidity is bad for sperm, so right around ovulation, the cervical mucus adjusts its pH to the optimal low acidic conditions for sperm to thrive.

Yes Baby helps you stay as close to this wondrous natural system your body created as possible. Yes Baby has two precise formulations, one to match the optimal conditions around ovulation, and one to match the conditions at the other times of the month. So you don't have to sacrifice pleasure for fertility!

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