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Severe Vaginal Dryness: Let's Talk

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Vaginal dryness. It's not a topic that you are likely to talk about while grabbing coffee with friends. But if you were to bring it up, chances are you'd get a lot of understanding nods.

Things as simple as everyday stress and medications can cause severe vaginal dryness. It is a common side effect of anti-depressants and allergy medications. But the most common cause of vaginal dryness is lifecycle events that cause dramatic hormonal shifts: pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. 


Vaginal skin becomes thinner and drier, natural lubrication diminishes, and vulvar and vaginal irritation an wounds become common.


While the symptoms are common, because most women are not talking about it, treatment is likely NOT being addressed properly.  That's all about to change.


Vaginal Moisturizer. Better Than Intimate Lube

YES VM's bioadhesive elements remain in content with the dry tissues for much longer than typical lubricants. It provides long lasting (up to three days!) relief. However, because of the prolonged exposure to sensitive skin cells, the formula must be gentle, natural, and intelligently designed.


YES VM is a long-lasting, natural vaginal moisturizing gel, ideal for regular use to nurture vulnerable tissues and relieve vaginal dryness. Designed to match the pH of the vaginal environment and free from skin-damaging chemicals. YES VM contains organic flax gum, organic locust bean gum, and organic aloe vera.


Typical vaginal lubricants which are strongly hypo or hyper-osmotic moisturizers and can damage the tissue it intends to heal. YES VM is a completely different type of product. The strength and concentration of the ingredients mean that YES is iso-omotic, meaning it rehydrate tissues that need it, without pulling or pushing water into the tissues. Instead, it protects, pampers, and soothes dry and sensitive vaginal tissue.


Using YES VM

YES VM is available in applicators or a 100ml tube. YES VM squeezable applicators have a long narrow neck to help you apply a pre-measured dose of gel deep inside your vagina. The tube makes it easy to use your finger to apply gel on both inner and outer vaginal skin.

For best results apply YES VM regularly. This may be daily initially, and then after a week or so, every third day. YES VM is safe to use daily or as often as is needed for comfort.

The frequency of reapplication depends on the severity of dryness. The natural and pure ingredients in YES VM mean you can apply as much as you need to feel comfortable, with no dosage concerns. YES VM is hormone free.

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